Kingdoms and Domains

The Three Domains

There are three domains that we use in taxonomy. These domains are Domain Bacteria (Kingdom Bacteria), Domain Archaea (Kingdom Archaea) and Domain Eukarya (Kingdoms: Protista, Fungi, Plantae & Animalia). Domains are now are highest and most broad classification level in taxonomy. Domain Bacteria and Doman Archaea encompass prokaryotes while Domain Eukarya encompases eukaryotes. A prokaryote is a single-celled organism that does not contain membrane-bound organelles. A eukaryote is any organism whose cells contain organelles. Some eukaryotic organisms are single celled while others are multicellular.



The Six Kingdoms

›At first Linnaeus only used two kingdoms (plants and animals) but the use of a microscope led to discoveries of new organisms and identification of difference in cells. Now we have 6 kingdoms which are grouped under our three main domains.



Student Activity: The slide above can be used in Smart Board. Make the images movable and get students to come up to the board and drag which picture they believe the description is describing. The slide below can also be used on the Smart Board. Get a student to come up to the board and write down what’s missing in the picture (Answer: Domain, Eukarya)



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