Class Activities & Investigations

Asexual Reproduction:

An activity that you can do with your class to demonstrate asexual reproduction can include on of the methods pf vegetative propagation. Here is an example if you were to do stem relocation:

1) Select a flower/plant

2) Have students cut a leaf or portion of that plant off

3) Place the plant in a jar filed with warm water and place jar near a window or somewhere with sunlight

4) Monitor plant for the next two weeks

5) Compare both transplanted stem and original plant in size shape and color  Have students examine, draw, and differentiate between the two


Sexual Reproduction: 

In sexual reproduction, this can be down through a flower dissection. Lily’s are the best flower to use for this activity, as their structure is much more visible to the eye for students. Allot a certain amount of time for the students to pick apart the plant so that they may discover the main female and male reproductive organs. Below is an example that you can have the students follow as they dissect.

BC 27


Song Summary: PLANTS ROCK!

Sometime, students find new and creative ways to learn material. This is one example. This song included plant anatomy, growth, structure, function and reproduction.


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