Curriculum Expectations

Overall Expectations

f2. investigate the structures and functions of plant tissues, and factors affecting plant growth;

f3. demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of vascular plants, including their structures, internal transport systems, and their role in maintaining biodiversity.

Specific Expectations

f2.3 identify, and draw biological diagrams of, the
specialized plant tissues in roots, stems, and
leaves (e.g., xylem, phloem), using a microscope
and models [PR, AI]

f3.1 describe the structures of the various types
of tissues in vascular plants, and explain
the mechanisms of transport involved in the
processes by which materials are distributed
throughout a plant (e.g., transpiration,
translocation, osmosis)

f3.2 compare and contrast monocot and dicot
plants in terms of their structures (e.g., seeds,
stem, flower, root) and their evolutionary
processes (i.e., how one type evolved from
the other)


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